Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Blizzard

snowball fight!!!!!!!!!!

so much fun!!!!!!!!!

8lb 10oz

Ella supporting Momma's work

She's a growing!!!! Ella weighed in today at 8lb 10oz. She's still not a big eater, but I think she is growing quite well. She is sleeping great, too. This Momma has no complaints. And, she rolled over from her belly to her back twice today!
We had a wonderful CHRISTmas. I wanted a white CHRISTmas and boy did I get it. I'm not sure if I'll wish for one of those again. Carson and Cooper got pink eye and decided to share it, too. We'll see if the rest of the family gets it :)
Look at those poor little eyes :(Gingerbread Fun!
My personal "OU" touch-up
Daddy and Ella playing the Wii

Daddy reading the true CHRISTmas story

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper!!!

Cooper had a wonderful 2nd Birthday! We kept it simple with just Grandparents and one cousin, Skyler. He thoroughly enjoyed his day and stayed up until almost midnight with no nap. He was falling asleep standing up!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally a post!

I am turning into a bad blogger! I have chosen sleep over blogging.....so tonight I'm multi-tasking in order to get it done! We are all doing well. Ella is still a really good baby. She occasionally gets cranky in the evening for her Daddy. Jason and I have a nice little routine going. I try to be in bed before 10 and then he gives Ella her last bottle for the night. I don't want to brag on her sleeping because as soon as I do, she will be up all night. So, I'm not bragging, I'm just going to use this blog as a baby book one day, so I'm documenting it. Anyway, back on track, Ella has been sleeping anywhere from 5 to 7 hours straight at night. If she does wake up to eat, she goes right back to sleep after eating. She has finally turned into an efficient eater, so I'm usually back to sleep after about 30 minutes. She is starting to get the hang of nursing, but I'm still not optimistic about it. Until then, pumping it is (multi-tasking duty above).
Carson and Cooper still adore her. Carson always wants to hold her and help feed her. Once Ella gets a little bit bigger and gains head control, Carson is going to be a great little helper with her. Cooper wants to hold her but gets bored after about 30 seconds and basically throws her at me. He is not a gentle child by any means. But, he is so sweet and loving. He loves to give hugs, but hasn't conquered being gentle. He loves to tackle everyone, too. Speaking of Coop, he turns 2 on Saturday. It makes me so sad. He's my baby. I know, Ella's my baby, but Coop IS my baby (he has me quite smitten). I'm not looking forward to the 2 year old personality he is developing. Hopefully it won't last long! I had some totally insane moments today. I think I need like 48 hours of straight sleep :) My parents are vacationing in Florida. I am so ready for them to get home! I have totally taken advantage of their availability and I am missing them big time!
This was an outfit of Coop's. I think it fit him when he was 3 days old :) She kinda fills it out
I think he loves her!
Auntie Deana made all of these cute hats! If only I had half of that talent!Christmas Outfit #1Christmas Outfit#2

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time for Some Pics

It's been too long since I posted some photos of the kids. It's been way too long since I posted one of Ella with a bow :) I decided to take one with a big bow and one with a little bow....see, the little bow is so cute, but there is just something even cuter about the really realy big bows!
Had to include this pic. Rough life huh?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Smiles :)

Ella showed me her 1st official smile tonight. I thought she gave me one last night, but she was a bit gassy so you never know :) But, I know she smiled for sure tonight....twice!!! Oh, made my heart melt!

Jason and I went to his company Christmas party tonight. It was really neat. It was a formal masquerade party at Red Rock Canyon Grill. Super nice! I had a great time but tuckered out early. So, Ella and I are just chillin' tonight. Jason stayed at the party and the boys are at Nana and GPa's.

Friday, December 4, 2009

2 month doctor update

Ella had her 2 month appointment today. She weighs 7lb 2oz and is 20&1/2 inches long (I just thought she was long for some crazy reason). She is in the 3rd % for weight, height and head circumference. She's on the charts!!! I checked Carson and Cooper's weight at 2 months. Carson was 11lb 13oz and Cooper was 12lb 8oz. She has a lot of growing to do to catch up with those big brothers!

After being on the phone for many hours the past week, I got her Synagis (RSV) shot scheduled for tonight. So, sometimes you have to be very proactive, but it is totally worth it!!!

Oh, one other thing I keep forgetting to post. Ella is getting red hair. In bright light, it is totally red. It's not like mine, but there is definitely some red in there. I'm really excited!!! Maybe one of my kids will finally look like me :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sweet little Ella is 2 months old today. She is doing awesome!!! I think she is about to show us her 1st real smile. We keep getting little half-smiles and she is focusing a ton! She still likes to sleep a whole lot (which I have no complaints about). For some crazy reason, her awake time is at 5am.....not good! By the time I get her back to sleep, Cooper decides it's time for him to get up. The boys spent night last night at my parents, so I got some good sleep this morning. I can't believe that I ever thought having 1 kid was hard. Piece of cake! Maybe it's because Ella is a super good baby. Maybe it's because I was clueless the 1st time around. Anyway, you parents of one kid, take advantage of it! The transition of 2 to 3 kids hasn't been too rough. I think the biggest transition is being on "house arrest". I'm a good hermit, but not with 3 little ones. I miss going to the gym, and I miss my weekly trips to Sams for a good hotdog!

I've had a frustrating week with a lady at Ella's doctor's office. Ella was due her Synagis (RSV) shot yesterday. It is due every 4 weeks. Starting last Tuesday, I called the lady and left her several messages which she will not return. Supposedly, the NICU was to set up that shot and never did. Now, the process just started today....and, it is a PROCESS!!! It could take up to 10 days to get it approved. So, I asked if we could just pay out of pocket and get reimbursed. The dang shot is around $1500.... per month. So, I can't risk taking the boys to mother's day out until she gets this shot. FRUSTRATING!!!!

Ella has her 2 month appointment on Friday. I'm anxious to see how much she has grown. She is so long. I think she is about to outgrow her newborn clothes in length. Look at those sweet little cheeks filling out!!!

You can tell in the picture above that Ella has a little birthmark on her forehead. It's called a Stork's bite or Angel Kiss. I prefer Angel Kiss. I think that is exactly what it is!!! Anyway, it will slowly fade away in the next year. Her little nostrils are still so red from the NG tube. I guess it's about time I put something on them. :)

Cooper loving on his sister.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ella's Room

Ella's room is almost complete. We just have to put up a chair rail and it should be done. I had my friend, Tisha, make this bedding for Ella. She did an incredible job! You need to check out her website at http://www.catywhompus.etsy.com/ to find all the awesome items she makes. She's really, really good!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Great win today Sooners!!!!! Isn't she so darn cute with that big bow?


He wasn't too happy with me taking this picture!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Ella showing off her "Turkey" bow that April made her
Ella rode in the car to and from the Estep farm for her 1st Thanksgiving. Jason got to play in the Estep family Turkey Bowl. This is a tradition that has gone on for close to 30 years. I stayed home with Ella while Jason played football, and then I drove out to the farm so I could eat. Shows where my priorities are, huh? Ella stayed in the car while everyone got to take a quick peak at her, and then Jason brought her back home. Carson and Cooper had a great time playing with their cousins. (thanks Amy for letting me steal these photos :)

We take this game seriously!!!!! Jerseys and all!!!

My cute nephew, Reid (Mark and Tami's son)

Cooper Charles


I think Santa might have to bring us a trampoline for Christmas!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Due Date Ella!!!

Today is Ella's official due date. We were going to induce on Nov. 19th to keep consistent with her brothers. Carson's birthday is January 19th and Cooper's is December 19th. Oh well! I think October 2nd is a pretty cool date, too :) The picture posted is of all the kids at or around 6 weeks old. Ella is actually -2 days old in her photo. There is definitely one thing consistent in all 3 of them....check out their bellies. I love it!!! Ella has the shortest skinniest legs. I tell my Dad that she is built like him. Big belly and little legs. I guess that probably isn't the best compliment to Ella :) Yes, I put Ella in her brothers' onsie, but doesn't putting a bow on her head make it okay? I think so!!!! I promise this won't happen often.

Ella continues to be doing awesome. She must be going through a growth spurt the past 2 days. We haven't had to wake her up once to eat. She is actually wanting to eat about 30 minutes early. She starts crying and boy does she get loud. Jason and I just laugh because we are so happy to hear her get mad. She loves watching and listening to her brothers play. Hopefully we'll get a real smile out of her soon....maybe a "cheesy" one like Coop's below!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Ella and Dr. Hager
Carson and Cooper thought Ella needed to hold their "puppies". It was really cute!

I love this girl!!

Our pediatrician strongly recommended that we stay at home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year due to RSV and flu season. I teared up a bit, but I know it is for the best. We'll have many more Holidays to celebrate. She also recommended we keep Ella out of church through these seasons, too. So, we're officially hermits! Ella will meet everyone in April!!! :)


We saw the neurosurgeon for a total of maybe 5 minutes today. He said Ella won't have to have a shunt! Hallelujah!!!! Her head size has remained the same for over 3 weeks now. So, he doesn't think she has hydrocephalus at all. He literally just had his nurse check the circumference of her head and he felt her soft spot. She doesn't have to return for any follow-up appointments with him unless her head did start growing at an abnormal rate. There is no pressure on her brain, so there is no need to treat her.

After leaving the doctor's office, I just cried and cried. This was the last big hurdle it seems we had to jump. She passed with flying colors. It is such a relief! I am filled with so many emotions! I am so thankful, grateful, hopeful!! We totally know that Ella is God's miracle! He has blessed us beyond measure.

Ella also visited her pediatrician today. She weighs 6lb 4oz and is 20 inches long. Ella's pediatrician was quite impressed with everything she is doing! It's hard to believe that it is STILL not my due date. After everything we have gone through, I can now admit that I'm not a big fan of being pregnant. So, today I can smile and say, thank you God that I'm not pregnant and I have a healthy little girl! We have had a journey, but we have grown so much during this journey. Thank you God for increasing our faith!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quick Update

Everything is going well at the MacKinnon household. The boys had an incredible weekend getting spoiled by their grandparents. I think their grandparents now need a little R&R after keeping up with those 2! I went back to work yesterday. I'm really going to overexert myself and work 1 weekend a month :) It was so nice having adult conversation!!! Ella goes to see the neurologist on Tuesday. We're praying for awesome results. This appointment will probably determine the necessity of a shunt or not. I'm very optimistic that no shunt will be needed. She seems to have matured so much over the past few days. She is focusing on her toys and playing on her little play mat a couple of times during the day. I'm enjoying her so much!

Here's for a couple of clarifications. This is really Traci's blog. Jason just likes to steal it and put it on his facebook page :) Jason doesn't like the bows, its me!!! And, I love, love, love the big bows and flowers (obviously, huh?). The bigger the better!!!! Now, when I bought some of these bows/flowers, I thought my child would be a tad bit bigger based on the size of her brothers. So, I didn't think the bow/flower would be bigger than her head :) Oh, well! When Carson was a baby, many friends from church had their little girls in these big bows. I personally thought they looked really goofy. Boy was I wrong!

Please keep our appt. on Tuesday in your prayers. We go to the doctor at 3pm that day.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whoa! Do We really have 3 Kids???

As I looked across my living room this morning, I realized it resembles a daycare! 3 kiddos 3 and under! Craziness, but I love it!!! I think I posted previously that we are all adjusting well, but I don't think Carson got the memo! He loves his baby sister, but he hates the lack of attention he is getting. He is getting really good at throwing some major fits. He also had learned to go potty in many new places....the bathtub, the bathroom rug, his bedroom and the sandbox. I asked him why he pottied in these places. His response was "I couldn't find the potty". So, we are trying to find ways to give him more attention. Jason took him to a Thunder game on Sunday and my parents kept him overnight on Tuesday. He came back to our house on Wednesday like a new kid! The boys are going to stay with Papa Mac and Grandma Connie on Friday and then spending the night with Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim on Saturday. They are taking them to cousin Ava's birthday party on Saturday. We love grandparents!!!! Cooper has been an excellent little boy. His fits are few and far between. He is an ornery little stink if you haven't already noticed from his pictures. He likes to smile a lot. Especially when he is in trouble. I'm trying to keep the boys occupied and not watching TV all the time, but I'm not being very successful. Isn't educational TV ok? I would let them go play outside, but they would end up in the sandbox....we have to stay out of it until we get new sand since Carson decided to use it for another purpose :)

Somehow, I have managed to get all 3 kids to nap at the same time. Carson and Cooper still haven't realized that there has been a time change, so after getting up at 6:30am, they are ready for a nap. I'm not sure which is worse, getting up at 6:30am or no nap! Ella is the best baby. She sleeps all the time, and only whimpers when she is hungry or wants to be held. She is getting a little spoiled and likes to be rocked to sleep. This surprises me a bit because she comforted herself back to sleep in the NICU for 31 days. I will spoil her all she wants, though! I think I was rocked by my Daddy to sleep until I was 10 or so :) I said Ella was going to be a Daddy's girl, but he's going to have to share! I'm smitten! She is just precious!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yet Another Praise!!!

These bows are way too much fun!!!

God keeps amazing me of His awesomeness! I took Ella to see her neurologist today (Dr. Hille). She had a great report. He thinks that the hydrocephalus is correcting. In his opinion, he doesn't think she will need a shunt. Her sutures are correctly forming which shows that the hydrocephalus isn't misshaping the skull. Her reflexes were right on track, too. Her head size has remained the same and is only about 1cm larger than a full term baby (he considers her full term now). He said if I brought her in to see him and he didn't know any of her history, that he would see that nothing was wrong with her. She will have another EEG done in January and if it shows no more seizure like activity, than she will come off of her seizure medicine then. This is incredible news. Especially since I'm totally against giving/taking medicine :) haha! Just kidding! I just have a hard time remembering to give/take medicine. Now our goal is to get the neurosurgeon to call us back. The neurologist can't officially say that the hydrocephalus is "cured". We might have to take her to see a neurosurgeon in Fort Worth if we can't get the one here to cooperate. Dr. Hille said he is relatively optimistic that everything is going to be okay with Ella. He does want to order one more MRI to ensure that no particular brain damage was done when she was still in my womb. With every blessing God has provided us, I believe that she is going to be perfect! Perfect in every way that God has made her. Thank you all for praying for our sweet little Ella.

Bath Time!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

5 Weeks Old

Ella is 5 weeks old today. Time is flying by! We are all adjusting well having her at home. The boys love their baby sister. Carson has to have her in his sight at all times. I really thought Cooper would be jealous, but he isn't one bit. He just says "Baby Ella" all the time. She is a loud sleeper, so she has already been booted from our bedroom. She is eating well and sleeping well (especially during the day). She was already on a schedule in the hospital, so that makes her a pretty easy baby so far. Jason and I are trying to adjust getting up every 2.5 hours once again. Whew, we're tired! I took her to the doctor today for a weight check and a head check. She is up to 6 lb 1 oz. Her head actually measured 1/2 cm less than it did in the hospital. Praise God! We're still praying for no shunt. Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. It's hard to keep up with a blog and 3 little ones. We're having too much fun!

The picture above is of the prayer quilt my Aunt Sandy surprised me with. Actually it is for Ella. She made the quilt and then had people tie the knots who prayed/continuing to pray for Ella. This quilt will be forever cherished! Thank you Aunt Sandy.