Wednesday, June 2, 2010

8 months - this is a long post!

MacKinnon Miracles (March of Dimes walk)

T-Ball rivals but best buds (Carson is making the best face here) T-ball buddies

He had to wear brother's t-ball socks (always making us laugh)

Estep cousins

Brotherly love :)

Last day of Mother's Day Out

MacKinnon Cousins

Miracles - Ava and Ella

First Day of Church

Sweet little Ella is 8 months old today! We are having tons of fun with our little angel. She weighed 14lb 9oz on June 1st. It is so nice to be able to get out and about! We have been to church twice now. The 2nd time, we gave in and took her to the nursery since she tends to get a little talkative in church. It was tough letting her go, but I did survive. I've also managed to drag all 3 kids to the grocery store. The comments have begun "Whew, you've got your hands full....glad its you and not old are they....." They are all 3 such a blessing to us. Some days are overwhelming, but at the end of the day, I can't help but feel incredibly thankful for them all!!!

2 weeks ago, Ella got her first ear infection. She had no symptoms. I had taken her to the health department for a hearing screen (custom screen for preemies that stay in the NICU). Well, she flat out failed the test. The audiologist did another test that showed Ella had fluid behind both eardrums which would make anyone fail the hearing screen. So, off to the doctor we went. That weekend (May 23rd), I discovered our little girl got her 1st tooth! What a surprise. The boys were like 9 months before they started sprouting teeth. She was only 7.5 months....or really 6 months. I guess she likes to do everything early. She is the happiest baby ever. An ear infection and teething and no complaints!!! We are super blessed.

We had a huge group of family and friends join us walking for the March of Dimes. Our team name was "MacKinnon Miracles". We walked in honor of Ella and her cousin, Ava, born at 33 weeks (she is now 2 years old). I had some college friends come up to walk with us. I feel so honored to have the support of such good friends and family! Thank you ALL for walking with us!!! It was a lot of fun!

I dragged Jason and the kiddos to Watonga this past weekend for some alumni fun. We watched football on Friday night and then spent the night with JC, Amy, Tucker and Mason. The boys had a blast!!!! Then on Saturday we went to a parade and afterward they loaded up to watch me play basketball. The gym was somewhere around 100 degrees (how could I forget that this gym had no A/C?) Anyway, I had a great time playing with some great friends!

Carson is still loving playing t-ball. Its crazy how much I can get into a t-ball game. I love it!!! He is being such a good big brother to Cooper and Ella. He also has discovered his neighbor friends on each side of our house. We have a neighborhood loaded with little boys. It's going to be so much fun! Carson has been inviting them over daily to play. Cooper has managed to have 2 ear infections in the past month also....he, as opposed to his sister, has been a grouch!!! I can't decide if it's the infection or just being a 2 year old. In between his grouchiness, he is a lot of fun. Always making us laugh. He's still my baby boy....always will be!!!!!!!