Friday, January 29, 2010

grow, grow, grow!

Baby Girl is now up to 10lb 1oz! She is still little (at almost 4 months old) but remember she started at a whopping 4lbs 13oz. :) As you can tell from the pic above, she is a happy baby!!

She still sleeps a whole lot! 12+ hours straight almost every night.....then quite a few cat naps during the day. She is still hooked up to her sleep apnea monitor. We finally got a download from the monitor and her last apnea episode was on Nov. 10th. She is supposed to go 2 months episode free, but her pediatrician wanted us to do one more download at the end of the month before she takes her off of it. I have to be honest. This monitor is a pain in the butt having to carry it everywhere she goes, but it has become a "crutch" for me. It gives me one less worry!

Her Synagis (RSV) shot wasn't approved by the insurance this month....yet! I'm still praying that it will get approved quick! The Dr's office is supposed to be arguing it! So, we decided to go on and pay it out of pocket for this month.....YIKES!!!!!!

Other than the couple of "road blocks" above, we are all doing great!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Carson

Carson turned 4 on the 19th. I can't believe he is 4 years old!!! My eyes teared up looking back at his baby pictures. I also can't believe how clueless I was back then. All you 1st borns get to be the guinea pig :) I love to watch Carson grow. I love to watch his mind work - and I tell ya, we are in TROUBLE! He can argue everything and he is sneaky! His favorite color right now is red and we try to convince him that orange is "ugly"....brainwashing! His best friends are Avery and Zach. I always update with Ella's weight and height, so I thought Carson needs his included, too. He weighs 44.4lbs and is somewhere around 42 inches tall. I don't think I included Cooper's, so here it is. 32lb and is around 35 inches tall. (once again, these are probably uninteresting facts to you, but it's my only documentation). Carson loves watching movies and he likes superheros a lot right now. He and Cooper are the best of friends 90% of the time. The other 10% they are just brothers and Coop annoys the heck out of him! He enjoyed his 4th b-day going to a movie with Daddy. We'll have an official celebration this weekend with family.

Here are some of my favorite photos of him growing up

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

more pics

Amber N., the above pic is for you!!!!

(I was giving the boys a bath and this is what she did)

King of the Wild Frontier
(Christmas present from Aunt Sandy)

They are getting quite the exercise playing the Wii :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Most of you already know our good news that sweet little Ella is seizure free, but for those of you who didn't know, her EEG from last week came back normal. We get to start tapering her off of her phenobarbital (seizure medicine) as of tonight. We'll taper it for a month and then no more medicine. Yippeeeeee! Ella is about the best baby I have ever been around. She sleeps so much! She cries when she is hungry and that's about it (except for the occasional grouchy evenings she has with Daddy). She does love to be held and got spoiled pretty quick, but I think that's okay :) I know the phenobarbital made her sleep a lot, but I'm hoping she'll continue to be a great sleeper once she's off the medicine. She sleeps typically about 9 hours straight a night. Oh, it makes me so happy!!! And she takes like 5 or 6 naps during the day. I am truly blessed. Thank you God for blessing us with this miracle - Your miracle!!!!!

For other family news, Cooper had his 2 year doctor's appointment. He is in the 75% in height and weight and 95% in head size. My kids have big noggins :) It's going to be weird having a baby not even on the growth charts after having these big boys.

I will post pics soon. I charged my camera all day and just realized that it was never plugged into the wall :) So, hopefully you'll see some photos tomorrow! Thanks so much for all of your prayers. I'm counting the days when we can bring her out and about and everyone can meet her!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 months old

I can't believe our baby girl is 3 months old today! Time is flying by. She is turning into a bucket full of smiles, except when the camera comes out :) She looks so thrilled below! She goes on Monday for another EEG. Then, we'll meet with the neurologist the next week for the results. We're hoping this will show no seizure activity and she'll be off of her seizure medication in as little as a week and a half. Wooooo-hooooo! Then probably one last MRI and her testing will be over. She got her 3rd RSV shot yesterday with no hassle. Only 3 more of those to go. I see I made an oops in the pic below. Should be 1-2-10. Is it really 2010? Time goes by way too fast. I have heard many friends say "the days are long but the years are short". It is so true!

Rooting on our Sooners !!!

Now that's a BIG bow!
Little Miracle angel outfit

Little Carson or little Jason - they all look identical (I got out a couple of Jason's baby pictures tonight - exactly like Ella and Carson's baby pics....I'll have to post them sometime)