Saturday, July 17, 2010


9 months....hard to find a good pose
2 legged race (Carson in blue, cousin Reid in red, Uncle Mark coaching)
doing a great job! CRASH! this was hilarious!
she doesn't quite like her bows these days He loves his sister
His Dad is #1 potato sack race (Jason came in 2nd b/c the guy in the blue cheated)
turtle race - thanks James for the turtle....which didn't move an inch!
Grandpa and Ella. I love this pic!
9 months later - the room is finally complete
Aunt Deana painted this. Amazing!!!!

All boys!!!! Carson, Cooper and cousins Reid and Parker
Redhawks GameBowling with Auntie Deana

I'm trying to get Domestic!!!
My 1st cake
Homeade cinnamon rolls
Delicious pretzels that are fun to make with the kiddos
(I stole the idea from here: infarrantly creative)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

9 Months +

Ella turned 9 months on 7-2-10. I'm starting to get a little teary eyed that my baby is one.....but not so teary eyed that I want another one. We are officially finished (as of a year ago thanks to my good ole hubby). Enough of that! Ella's stats (as of 7-2) weight: 15lb 7oz (3%) height 26.5 inches (10-25%) head 50%. She's sill on that same growth curve. What's with my big headed kids? Big brains!!!!! Ella is finally 100% sitting up, except when her brothers knock her down or she decides to tip over in the bath tub. She absolutely loves taking a bath with her big brothers! She also has started pulling up to standing. Once she stands up, her legs turn to jello and she crashes. She's not crawling yet. Jason keeps trying to encourage her, but I'd rather her not crawl/walk for quite awhile. She has starting babbling and sounds like she is saying "Dada" quite often. She said "bye-bye" last night over and over. The boys still are begging to wake her up every morning. I wonder if they will ever get tired of their little sister.

Carson finished up the t-ball season and had a lot of fun. So did I! We were definitely ready for a break, though. We got papers in the mail yesterday that he is enrolled for pre-k for a morning class. Oh my did the tears well up in my eyes. My babies are growing up. Cooper is back to his good ole cheerful self. I've missed his precious personality. That boy definitely brings joy to my soul. If you ever need a good laugh, come hang out with Coop a bit. He always makes me smile.....even when he is in trouble.

I'm taking a cake decorating class in hopes of making those cute little cakes for my kiddos. We'll see how it goes. I probably should learn to make dinner before skipping on to the desserts. Jason is busy, busy, busy keeping our yard pretty.

We are a busy bunch of 5 these days. In a small way, I'm ready for school to start so that we can hopefully get ourselves into some kind of routine around here. Ella still sleeps so well. It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Now it's about 14 hours a night with at least a 2-3 hour nap during the day plus a couple of 15 minute naps while we're driving in the car.

Whew! I'm done rambling for now. Pictures will soon follow!!!