Saturday, July 17, 2010


9 months....hard to find a good pose
2 legged race (Carson in blue, cousin Reid in red, Uncle Mark coaching)
doing a great job! CRASH! this was hilarious!
she doesn't quite like her bows these days He loves his sister
His Dad is #1 potato sack race (Jason came in 2nd b/c the guy in the blue cheated)
turtle race - thanks James for the turtle....which didn't move an inch!
Grandpa and Ella. I love this pic!
9 months later - the room is finally complete
Aunt Deana painted this. Amazing!!!!

All boys!!!! Carson, Cooper and cousins Reid and Parker
Redhawks GameBowling with Auntie Deana

I'm trying to get Domestic!!!
My 1st cake
Homeade cinnamon rolls
Delicious pretzels that are fun to make with the kiddos
(I stole the idea from here: infarrantly creative)

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  1. Wow looks like you all had a great 4th. You did really good on the cake! You are getting all domestic! And Ella's room looks great! We still don't have curtains in Kate's room or her shelves hung on the walls :-)