Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I think she's a little angry with me (probably b/c I forgot a bow) 6 months! Standing at the Incrediblock
BFF's Ella and Abby!
Again! Aren't they the cutest?
Just us girls! (Note to self: make-up is always a good choice)
She loves her food!
It has been a busy few weeks in the MacKinnon house. Carson got enrolled in pre-k. His Daddy ran so fast that he got 3rd in line. We only signed him up for 1/2 day. Hopefully that was a good choice. Carson had his first t-ball game on Tuesday. He did awesome. He hit the ball and then tried to chase after it :) He also fielded a couple of balls, too. It is a lot of fun to watch! Cooper fell out of the Explorer last week and bumped his head pretty good. Then this week, he pulled his basketball goal on top of himself and busted his lip. He's our accident prone child that likes to live life on the edge a bit. Jason flew to California on Monday to be with his family and just got home on Saturday evening. His Grandpa's kidney's are failing and he's not expected to make it much longer. Ella started rice cereal and sweet peas. She is a BIG fan of both. She grabs my pinkie and pulls the spoon into her mouth. I'm hoping we'll see a huge increase on the scales this month for her. We had Jon, Lori and Abby come for dinner last Saturday and they finally got to meet Ella. Lori and I have been best friends forever and now our little girls are going to be, too. Abby is 4 months older than Ella. Cooper REALLY enjoyed playing with Abby. He's a fan of the ladies! PapaMac and Grandma Connie came for a visit and brought us all a ton of candy! Yum-my! The Easter Bunny hasn't been mentioned much in our house, but he did come for a visit this morning. Carson told me that Santa left him a basket full of goodies. I explained that it was the Easter Bunny. He said, "oh, well Santa told the Easter Bunny to bring it." Oh these kids keep me smiling! I love them all so much. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Remember the real reason! He IS risen!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I made her a tutu!

this expression cracks me up! Getting ready for a walk

We have ventured out a bit the past couple of weeks with Ella (shh, don't tell our pediatrician). I figured we would take advantage of the nice weather. Ella has been to our favorite winery twice (the gift shop of the winery) I hate to admit this since she hasn't been in church yet (in May we'll be there!). We also took her to get our new outdoor playground! Yea!!! We FINALLY got a playground. We're ready for friends to come play! She also got to go to Home Depot, the mall and to get yogurt. Her absolute favorite outing was the zoo! She slept almost the whole time!!!! The boys have been so excited to finally get out of the house and loved seeing some friends. I have to admit, I'm excited too!!!! Bring on Spring!!!! Goodbye RSV season!

Sleeping at the zoo!

Finally woke upDouble Trouble

Carson started t-ball this past week. He has just had two practices but he LOVES it! I can't believe he is old enough to play. I'm sad but excited all at the same time! It will be so much fun.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


can you see the orneriness?

new toy!

5 months!!! It's really already been 5 months since Ella decided to surprise us with her early arrival. We have been through a lot in those 5 months, but this little girl is developing with leaps and bounds. She is still petite at only 11lb 0oz and 23 1/2 inches as of February 28th. She is developing quite the little personality and I love it!!! Ella has officially been moved to her crib. She still sleeps 12+ hours at night until those big brothers go and wake her up. I was afraid that with her being in that big bed and not being swaddled that my restful nights might soon disappear. Boy, was I wrong. I think she sleeps even better. Ella also eats 8oz of milk when she gets up! That is crazy to me that such a small baby can eat so much.

crazy boys!

Carson and Cooper still adore Ella to pieces. They can't get enough of her....neither can Jason or I. We are all smitten!!! Mr. Cooper is back to himself and I am so thankful of that! I thought he was full out in his terrible 2's. But, being the nonobservant Mom that I am, he went a month off and on with double ear infections. Poor little guy! He's back to smiling and laughing ...especially when Mommy is getting on to him. I'm afraid this little guy is going to get by with murder. I can't get mad at him without laughing. He's so funny!