Sunday, November 21, 2010

more photos

(all the above pics were taken by our friend, SJ - thanks bud!)
At the request of Auntie Deana, I decided to post a few more photos of my beauties and some of their friends. I am so in love with my kids right now!!! (maybe it's b/c all 3 of them are asleep right now). They are just so precious. I've heard too many heart wrenching stories lately that have just brought me to tears. Life is precious. I praise God for my beautiful family, and I pray that He will always be glorified.

Today, is Ella's actual 1st birthday. I've been a little emotional and thinking back to that scary day. The more I recall, the more I realize how much God brought life to Ella. She came into this world not breathing - she was a blue baby and it took several minutes for her to be resuscitated. She had Apgar scores of 1, 1, 7 (that is bad!). Then she had a seizure from a grade III brain bleed. Then possible hydrocephalus and she had to have 3 spinal taps things to remove the excess fluid. We were told that brain damage had been done, but it was unknown how much. She went on to have a couple EEG's, MRI's, CT scans and several ultrasounds on her brain. Ella finally got to come home one month later and on an apnea monitor for 6 long months. But, after all those months, this little girl is a miracle. She is still little, but is doing amazing things. Dr's can say one thing, but we have a Greater Physician who is beyond all modern medicine. I praise the Lord Almighty!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Best Friends!

I'm finally back to the world of blogging. It's been a busy past 3 months. Jason and I did the dreaded p90x. We're finally done, so I have a small period of time to blog tonight. By the way, p90x was totally as unenjoyable as it sounds, but 100% worth it!

Ella turned 1 on October 2nd. We had a huge birthday party for her with lots of friends and family! Thank you to you all! Ella is such a joy. She is crawling and pulling up to everything...but not even close to walking. I love this girl so much! Carson and Cooper are so precious, too. Carson is doing so well at school. He loves to sing, sing, sing. Coop goes to preschool once a week and is loving it. Coop is learning a lot of songs, too from hearing his big bro sing :)